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NFL Power Rankings Week Marshawn

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2009 http://www.seahawksauthenticofficialshop.com/RICHARD_SHERMAN_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html NFL Power Rankings Week Marshawn Lynch Super Bowl XLIX Jersey8

The Russell Wilson Super Bowl XLIX Jersey2009 week 8 NFL power rankings provide a shift. These week 8 NFL power rankings for 2009 show that the Saints are clearly the team to beat right now, and that the New York Giants really aren't as unbeatable as once thought. The Steelers are also packed with confidence again after being able to knock off the Vikings on Sunday, and the Chargers are showing that there is reason to keep a close eye on San Diego once again. It's also a week where a couple of team band wagons are going to have extra seating, including the San Francisco 49ers that have really taken a big stumble lately. There are still three teams that haven't won a game in 2009, and that is showing that maybe there really is that big balance within the league that some had called out at the beginning of the season. It will be Marshawn Lynch Super Bowl 49 Jersey interesting to see if maybe there could be an undefeated team as well as a team that wins zero games all in the same season. We are only about half way through the season, so there is a long ways to go in regards to one of those achievements, but it's not outside being a possibility with the way some of these teams are playing. Some teams are looking spectacular, and other teams are looking like they don't even belong in the NFL.

At the beginning of the season, one would have been hard pressed to find someone that thought the Broncos or the Bengals would Russell Wilson Super Bowl 49 Jersey be playing this well, but that's why they play the games. Having an off week will help the Broncos to keep the pace in week 8, and with a big win by the Bengals, they too are looking to have another strong week. The playoff picture is till murky, but it looks like these are two of the teams that can be penciled in to represent the AFC already. It also looks like there could be some surprise teams that get left out in the cold when January rolls around.

With three undefeated teams left in the NFL, it means that two teams are going to have fans that are upset about the power rankings. It can't really be helped though, because there can only be one top dog, and this seahawksauthenticofficialshop.com/BOBBY_WAGNER_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html week around it's going to once again be the New Orleans Saints. They are just playing much better than anyone else right now, and proved that they can even come back from a deficit in the fourth quarter if necessary. It will be another interesting week of games, where the elite teams try to get one step closer to clinching a playoff spot.

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