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NFL Wholesale Hats 2007 Week 7 Picks and Plays

Another average week has passed by where I went 2 2 because I got burned by a fumble return by the Packers and because I foolishly laid money on Falcons receivers who apparently don't want to play football this year. I noted at least 11 dropped passes in critical drives in the Monday night game, which Cheap NFL Jerseys made my ace in the hole look like a silly amateur play. I hate when that happens, but I would make that bet again if I had it back. The Giants are still no good, but lady luck sure makes them appear that way. I'm still up for the season, 19 11 1 if you're counting, and while I don't have much for this week, I think I can still make a profit.

Pittsburgh is traveling west again, this time to visit the disappointing Denver Broncos. While Denver is in no way better than the Steelers, they should be able to pull this off at home. These are the same Steelers that typically play rather poorly out west, and this should be no exception. Willie Parker is exactly the kind of guy who is going to suffer in Cheap Jerseys the high altitudes, and the Broncos offense should be enough to make up the rest. It will be a low scoring affair if all goes according to plan, so I'll be looking at playing Denver +3.5 and Under 39.

Lets also look at playing Chicago with the points against Philadelphia. What have the Eagles done so far to get this kind of respect? Chicago can come back from a lousy game against the Vikings and really slam it down McNabb's throat who probably doesn't have the defense to keep the Bears down for long. This one should be another low scoring affair. I'll have a definite play of Chicago +5.5, with a strong lean on the Under 42.

Kansas City is not a good team by any stretch of the imagination, but they've done very well so far to earn a 3 3 record. The Chiefs, well, lets say Larry Johnson, should be a monster favorite over the Raiders who let Ladanian Tomlinson run for four touchdowns last week, but they're an underdog and that smells of a trap. Lets see if the Raiders can come back from this with a big effort. Oakland 1.

Cincinnati seems to finally have found a team that they can beat on to get their second win of the season. The Jets are done for this year, so lets play Cincinnati 7.

New Orleans still gets a little too much respect in my opinion, but I can't back the Falcons again until their receivers prove they came to play this year. Tennessee's quarterback situation is fuzzy, and since Vince Young appears to be their only playmaker, we'll stay away from that game too. I hate playing the favorite in huge spread games, so I'll stay away from the obvious plays of New England, Washington, Dallas and the Giants (although I still think the Giants are no good, they should be fine against the offense less 49ers). Detroit and Tampa could go either way. Jacksonville always plays Indianapolis very tough, so nothing is set in stone there either.

Good Luck!

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